Founder's Story

'Sales Mastery' Magazine
By Mary Poul, Publisher


odel the Best has been my mantra for 25 years. Whenever I set out to conquer something big and new, I always think, “Who else has done this before that I can learn from?”But day-to-day I deal with little challenges, and maybe even a lack of inspiration, all the time. I can’t go seek out a mentor for every little thing I need help with in the day.

When I take a break or eat lunch, I always grab something to read. My go-to is Inc. magazine. And wouldn’t you know, I always read something that changes my
perspective – even totally shifts the work I am in the middle of doing. How the universe gets me to read just the right article when I needed an attitude shift, I’ll never know.

I am grateful to all those people that sought out great role models and wrote the article that can change my mindset while I eat a sandwich. I thought – I want to be that – I want to be the Inc. magazine that can show up on a break and be the spark that changes someone’s day. Not like the news – all bad and sensationalized. I want to inspire someone to be their best when they read my magazine, so they go out and do their work with a bounce in their step. If I can turn around someone’s day by providing the article that shows up at just the right time when someone needs a boost, that’s a great
day for us both.

That’s why Sales Mastery exists. To be there on your break when you need a quick change in perspective. And at just the right time.